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Challenge 22, Veteran Suicide Prevention
​22 veterans are committing suicide due to PTS every day.
Challenge 22 is raising money and awareness to help eliminate this statistic. 

Why 22?

In 2012 The U.S Department of Veteran’s Affairs released a staggering statistic, that 22 veterans are committing suicide in this country every single day. Since that time many organizations and groups have rallied to help stop this trend, but in some sectors it seems to be getting worse still. We have veterans that are struggling here in our community right now, and they need our help! Operating as a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation that exists to promote and foster community outreach to raise awareness and funds regarding the issue of veteran suicide in the United States, Challenge 22 raises funds that go to vetted 501(c)3 organizations helping to treat and assist veteran's working through PTS. Please donate, walk, or volunteer to help our effort to stop veteran suicide.


our next walk:
Saturday, November 11, 2023


Ending veteran suicide is a moral imperative that recognizes the toll of war on mental health. It safeguards the well-being of those who bravely served, fostering a society that values their sacrifice. By prioritizing mental health services, destigmatizing seeking help, and offering comprehensive support, we honor their dedication and strengthen our nation. With concerted efforts, we can prevent further loss and ensure veterans lead lives of dignity, resilience, and hope.

Veteran PTS (Post-Traumatic Stress) is a complex psychological condition that can affect those who've experienced traumatic events during military service. Symptoms include vivid flashbacks, nightmares, hypervigilance, and emotional numbness. These challenges stem from the intense and often life-threatening situations veterans have endured. While it's a natural response to extraordinary stress, PTS can disrupt daily life and relationships. Supportive treatment, therapy, and a caring community can empower veterans to manage their symptoms, heal emotional wounds, and reclaim a fulfilling life beyond the battlefield. Understanding, empathy, and specialized care are essential to help veterans navigate this difficult journey.


When you support Challenge 22, you are helping veterans and first responders in a very personal way.  The money raised will be distributed to organizations that provide help and hope to our fellow Americans. This year we will be working with our partners highlighted here.

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Registration / 
Josh Gilbert Band Center Stage 

Opening  Ceremonies


Staging for Walk 


Walk Begins


Music, food, beer, raffles, plus meet the organizations that are healing our veterans! 

Including local hit band Beemo!

Riders Tribute 22-mile tribute ride leaves from Post 63, concluding the event.

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To the veteran who has faced challenges with unparalleled courage, know that your journey is not solitary. You carry the bonds of comradeship forged in the crucible of service. Lean on your fellow veterans, friends, and family; their unwavering support surrounds you. Your experiences, though unique, connect you to a network of shared understanding. In moments of doubt, remember the resilient spirit that guided you through trials. You're part of a tapestry of strength, woven together by a shared commitment to duty.


Challenge 22 established in 2017 we are a volunteer led organization that is committed to helping Veterans fight PTS. To win this battle it takes a community. We work with many non-profits doing amazing work and saving Veteran lives. Challenge 22’s mission is to end veteran suicide by raising money for these organizations. In the past six years over 10,000 veterans have received help with no reported suicides among them.

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$20,000 for a traumatic brain injury service dog, 

$15,000 per warrior for a resiliency clinic and follow up sessions, 

$20,000 for an automated wheelchair, 

$2,000 to Train a facilitator in RTM 

$5,000 to work with a horse 

$2,500 for Warrior Beach retreat attendance per couple 

$2,500 per amputee for team travel

$1,000 per amputee softball player for equipment 

$500 per warrior for a Deep Blue Dive therapy certification. 

$2000 per warrior for a Deep Blue Dive therapy session.

$5,000 to host a “veteran only” Ruck walk 

$500 per warrior to travel/participate in other veteran only ruck walks 

$1,500 for First counseling mental health treatment sessions 

$5,000 to host Military sexual trauma events. 

$25,000 for week-long 22ZERO retreat for veterans. 

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By donating you are supporting our veterans with PTS. This honors their sacrifice, offering hope and healing. Together, we can repay their service with compassion, helping them find renewed purpose and well-being. No act of generosity is too small to make a difference.

Event Partner:
Winter Garden American Legion, Post 63

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We want to partner with you to make Challenge 22 a smashing success and help you promote your organization to over 1,000 event visitors and participants.  Sponsorships are available from $50, giving every organization an opportunity to support veterans suffering from PTS and prevent suicide.

We are collecting in-kind donations for the silent auction!  We appreciation in-kind donations including art, gift certificates, concert tickets, sporting event and theme-park tickets, baskets, handmade items, and military-themed items, as examples.  Thank you for your generous support!

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